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Ears that protrude towards outside (‘protruding ears’), is a common case for women and men. 5% of the kids that are born in the world have protruding ears regardless of the race or the geographical region of earth, causing very often psychological problems to them.

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Chemical and Laser peeling - Facial wrinkles correction

As time passes heredity, exposure to sun irradiation, smoking, unbalanced nutrition contribute to the appearance of ‘expression wrinkles’ (thin wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, forehead and cheeks), which are signs of endogen ageing and photo ageing.

Chemical peeling is done by the doctor by using acids in liquid form and of different density (strong, medium, weak) that are applied locally on the surface of skin for a certain period of time and afterwards they are suppressed. Treatment is repeated for 4 to 6 times in periods of 7-10 days. By this process dead skin cells are removed, regeneration of the skin is accomplished and the skin becomes brighter and softer.

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Plastic surgery of the lips

Plastic surgery of the lips is the surgical reconstruction of lips for cosmetic reasons. This is a group of surgical interventions aiming to the improvement of the appearance of the lips. By this method, augmentation or reduction of lip volume and alteration of the shape and the outline of the lips is possible. 

Elevation of lips is also possible by using non-surgical interventions. These interventions include biological or biocompatible implants (collagen, hyaluronic acid, polyethylene etc).

By using implants we can achieve augmentation of lip volume, highlight of the outline and deletion of lines around the mouth, rinopareiakes grooves and grooves at the corners of the mouth.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural hydrophilic component of skin that controls the content of water, decelerates dispersion of water from the dermis area to the skin increasing the hydration of the skin, transfers proteins, increases skin resistance to harmful external factors, prevents the transformation of soluble collagen to insoluble and enhances the regenerative and healing capacity of the skin.

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Tightening and regeneration of skin by using Fraxel Laser

The most advanced method of tightening and revival of the skin is the method of Fraxel laser skin treatment. It is a non surgical treatment whose results are impressive and it can be applied to all skin types in various areas such as face, neck, breast and arms. 

It can repair skin damages owing to ageing, acne, extended exposure to the sun and generally to every problem that appears due to the lack of collagen.  Collagen is the main component of the process of skin regeneration and its lack causes scars, spots, blurriness, thin wrinkles, expression wrinkles and signs of looseness.

The advanced method Fraxel laser skin treatment activates the mechanism of collagen production giving skin the opportunity to revitalize naturally, removing upper skin layers that cause ageing signs.

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Rhytidectomy of face and neck (Facelift)

As time passes ageing of skin of the face and neck appears as a result of heredity, looseness, sun exposure and daily stress.

Rhytidectomy (Facelift) is a procedure that stops and resets time. It minimizes signs of ageing by replacing muscles, skin and fat of the face. The procedure can be performed independently or be combined with other techniques such as: Frontal Lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and dermabrasion.

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Rhinoplasty, aesthetic and functional, aims not only to improve the look, shape, size and the general aspect of a nose, but also to facilitate its function and promote free and smooth respiration. A successful rhinoplasty, boosts confidence, improves self-esteem and generally it brings a revolutionary positive effect on the way someone thinks, feels and acts in his daily life. 

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Injection of Botulinum toxin (BOTOX)

It is the most widespread anti-ageing method. It deals with wrinkles successfully at the face, forehead and around the eyes.

Botulinume-toxine is a natural protein that has the ability to act on the muscles so that the transmission of nerve impulses is suspended. This prevents muscles from contracting. The contraction of the face muscles creates wrinkles at the forehead and around the eyes. The muscles don’t paralyze but just stop their slight contraction and the wrinkles disappear.

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Eyes and eyelids participate in the total appearance of the face. Skin excess in the upper eyelids, ‘bags’ in the lower ones, wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrow drop demonstrate a premature aged face.

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Augmentation or reduction of the chin and cheekbones

People who appear hypoplasia at the area of cheekbones and the lower jaw bone can regain the symmetry of the lines of their face by using implants at the respective areas. The incisions for placing the implants are usually performed through the pituitary of the mouth under total or local anesthesia.

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