Breast lift (lift-reduce)

Big and lying breasts are lifted and also become smaller, while small and lying breasts are simply lifted.

Big breasts can also be accompanied to breast pain, neck pain, back pain, kyphosis and frequent dermatitis under them. Special problems exist in the case of asymmetry and hyperplasia of one only breast. Usually, in the case of megalomastia also exists at a great percentage a ‘benign cystic mastitis’; therefore, before surgery a mammogram and an ultrasound proceeds so that malignant mammary gland can be excluded.

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Some women tend to accumulate fat on the area of the arm. As time passes or after a great weight loss and if there is fat reduction, the skin of this region loosens and hangs ending to an inelegant ‘bag’.

If the problem is the locally increased fat, the solution is the technique of  liposuction. In the case of skin looseness surgical removal of the excess skin is required.

The procedure is performed by dispensing local anesthesia or sedation. In lighter cases the incisions are restricted to the armpit and are slightly visible; however, in more serious cases they are expanded along the inner area of the arm.

Liposuction - Liposculpture

Liposuction is a method of removing fat tissue through the application of a closed circuit of negative pressure, from certain body areas where fat concentrates locally.

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Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is an invasive, surgical procedure that aims to repair all problems caused by ageing, frequent and high weight variation, pregnancy, local accumulation of fat around the waist and tummy and also by the non-normal placement of the abdominal muscles.   

There are various abnominoplasty methods; however, all of them are invasive. A stay at the clinic is required and the rehabilitation process lasts more than 10 days. Naturally, that depends on the size of the problem that has to be repaired, that is whether abdominoplasty is partial or total or if it will be combined with another method.

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Skin tightening- Local lipolisis by using Tripollar RF treatment

An advanced method of tightening and skin treatment, for the body or the face is Tripollar RF body and skin treatment method.

This method is based on electrolipolysis via a tripollar electric field of a certain frequency (RF). Application of such an electric field creates on the fat tissue an electric current of low intensity and polarization; therefore, local lipolysis and activation of fibroblasts that produce collagen is achieved.

This treatment is painless and has no side-effects for the human body. Results appear directly from the first session.

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Smartlipo liposuction

The progress of Medical science and technology made possible the bloodless alternative of classical liposuction. The most advanced alternative method of classical liposuction is liposuction by using laser beams (SmartLipo).

Liposuction by using lipolysis with laser beams is based on the fat’s property to be transformed from solid to liquid under the effect of a certain wavelength of light (laser). This property allows plastic surgeon to remove as many fat tissues as possible without causing hematomas, scars or other consequences.

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Breast augmentation (Implants)

 Small breasts or asymmetry are due to congenital aplasia or hypoplasia, weight loss in combination to relatively small breasts, blowback after pregnancy. Breast augmentation is performed by using sterilized implants, which contain silicone gel or saline or a combination of both. Sizes are between 100 to 350 cm3. Their shape is discoid or ‘tear shaped’ and their cover is smooth or matte and of elastic composition of solid silicone.

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Cavitation - Bloodless liposuction

Bloodless liposuction by using the effect of Cavitation

This method takes advantage of the effect of cavitation that can be produced by acoustic waves. Adipose tissues absorb acoustic waves of high frequency. Due to cavitation effect, small areas of vacuum are created in their interior causing rupture to the membrane of adipocytes that are contained in adipose tissues. By that means, targeted lipolisis and liposculpture is achieved.

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