What Greece is offering the world when it comes to Medical Tourism

Greece, the place where modern Medicine was born, yet pioneers in the field of medicine.

Today,  according to the World Health Organization, Greece is among the top countries with the highest standards of healthcare. That means excellent medical services, aided by top modern equipment.

If you took into account the amazing climate, the sun, the sea, the islands and the excellent quality of the provided touristic services, Greece is excellent destination for medical tourism.


 Greece is a crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa and has one of most advanced airport in the world, providing easy access from all over around the world.

Northern Greece has the city of Thessaloniki (also named Thessalonica and Salonica) one of the most beuatiful and Historic cities in Balkans. Its location, by the sea, makes Thessaloniki a really atmospheric and luxurius place to stay.


Thessaloniki also has an airport, the biggest in Balkans.

Thessaloniki provides easy access to Halkidiki (Challkidiki) famous for its luxurius resorts and the beautiful beaches. Also islands of Northern Aegean are close, ideal destination for relaxation or for vibrant nightlife.

Near Thessaloniki there are numerous historical places that someone can visit, like the city of Pella the birthplace of Alexander the Great.